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As a Doula, I offer you and your partner care, understanding, information and support throughout your pregnancy, during and after the birthing process. Our initial consultation (free of charge) will help us to get to know each other. It's like a first date to see if we click, no strings attached ;-) After that, you decide if and how to continue. I will adjust my services to fit your needs, as every pregnancy is different.​Our prenatal sessions are tailor-made to your wishes: they can include a combination of coaching, massage, mindfulness, practical tips (breathing, postures, how to cope with contractions, acupressure, counter pressure), partner support, explanation about the physiology of birth, addressing fear and/or trauma, support with writing down your birth preferences. If desired, I can attend a meeting with the midwife or accompany you to the hospital. Sessions can be with or without the person supporting you in birth, according to your wishes/possibilities/circumstances.

Birth Support Package Body/Mind

The below outline is a suggestion for a complete birth support package. The sessions will equally focus on both your body and mind.


Birth Journey Discovery

Getting to know each other, doula and both parents present, starting to build a relationship, reviewing the intake form, discussing your background and your expectations. We will also address any specific fears or concerns from you or your partner. Duration: 1,5-2 hours


Body & Birth Prep

General check in plus an introduction to body awareness. How does our nervous system work and why is it important? What are your triggers and glimmers? Which resources help you stay in contact with your body? Getting started on collecting ideas for your birth wishes. Duration: 1,5-2 hours


Birthing Body Balance

A private Spinning Babies Class focused on optimizing your body for childbirth. You'll learn techniques to enhance the body's natural readiness for labor. We'll explore body balancing exercises designed to promote optimal fetal positioning and ease the birthing process. Through gentle methods and understanding of pelvic dynamics, we aim to facilitate a smoother journey for you and your baby during childbirth. Duration: 3 hours


Birth Communication & Readiness

Making sure you're ready for your birth! Finalizing your birth wishes, discussion around birth communication, how to communicate your needs and wishes to the care providers. Examples are coaching, mindfulness, partner support and making arrangements for the postpartum period. Developing a plan for you and your partner when labor begins so that you feel calm and empowered. Duration: 1,5-2 hours


Postpartum Check-in

Approximately 4-7 days after the birth of your baby I will drop by your house for a quick check-in to see how you are doing, how you are feeling physically and mentally. I don’t come and visit you as a guest this week, but as a care provider, so I expect you to stay in bed with your baby, no need to host me ;-) Duration: +/- 1 hour


Reflect & Reconnect

4-6 weeks after birth. This meeting marks the closure of our journey together. Recap of the birth, how do you look back on it? How do experience the postpartum period? How are the family dynamics? Has everyone found their place? Do you need anything else? Duration: 1,5-2 hours

Birth Support Package all-inclusive, as mentioned above € 1.875 (incl. 21% BTW)



  • 6 in-person meetings in total (as outlined above)

  • Phone/WhatsApp/email support during the whole contract period

  • Being on-call 24/7 starting from week 37 onwards

  • Continuous support during birth, regardless of the length of labor

  • Up to 6 weeks after birth available through email/phone/Whatsapp/zoom for (emotional) support, debriefing, references etc.

  • All travelling and parking costs included

  • Back-up doula support, in case of unforeseen circumstances, if desired

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