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For a positive and powerful birth experience

Learn how to prepare your body and mind for a positive and powerful birth experience. 

Does this sound familiar?

Everyone around you is telling you to enjoy the pregnancy and 'just relax' and go with the flow. While pregnancy can be a beautiful phase in your life, for some women it is rather stressful and worrysome. ​You might feel the changes in your body on an emotional and physical level. ​Hormones are causing you to tear up over nothing. The upcoming birth might bring about feelings of uncertainty or anxiety. This can also add stress to the relationship with your partner.​ Physically you might feel more tired or short of breath. You might suffer from hip pain or (lower) back pain. Normal activities like walking, sitting or laying down may become uncomfortable or even painful.​  Many people, even some care providers, say that this is 'normal'. You need to live with it and accept it as a part of life.

Envision this!

How would it be to feel strong and empowered? Picture yourself actually looking forward to birthing your baby!​ How would it be to feel fully supported throughout your pregnancy, birth and beyond? Imagine the impact this has, not only on your birth experience, but also on raising your child. You would start your parenting journey feeling self-confident and capable. The best role model you can be for your child!​


As a Doula I support you on an emotional, physical and informational level. I give you the tools to stay calm and focused during pregnancy and birth. I teach you how to prepare yourself, both mentally and physically. You will understand the physiology of labour and therefore be able to trust your body to birth your baby. Get in touch to see if we are a match. No strings attached ;-)

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My name is Marlene Höning (yes, like honey in Dutch but with umlaut). I am originally from Germany, but have been living in Amsterdam since 2002. My friends describe me as positive, optimistic, warm and empathetic. I offer doula services and (pregnancy) massage. I am also a licenced massage therapist offering a body-centered form of therapy. Last but not least I am a proud member of the Doula Collectief.


A real treat for body and soul

A massage can help you relax your body and your mind, reduce pain and discomfort and is simply an amazing gift to yourself. Next to pregnancy massage, I also offer holistic massage for non-pregnant people. Read more...

Pregnant belly

Informative and Compassionate

A doula is a trained labour companion who will guide you through pregnancy and birth. She will provide emotional, physical and informational support. She will stay by your side during birth until your baby is born. Read more...

Water Birth

I am so grateful for all the support Marlene gave me during the birth of my twins. She was like my guardian angel. Her prenatal care prepared me to experience childbirth as empowering and positive. During labour she radiates kind but strong energy to hold you stable during your wild ride. I still look back on the birth as one of my most treasured memories.



During my pregnancy me and Marlene worked through my fears of pain and together we manifested the birth experience I always dreamed of. I had an empowering and beautiful birth and all thanks to the preparation I did with Marlene. We even have a video from the birth itself thanks to her. We are very grateful for everything she did for us!



Marlene is calm, sweet and caring. Exactly what I needed during my long labour. In addition, she is very skilled and has a lot of knowledge of postures and exercises that can make giving birth easier. Add to that the fantastic massage she gave me during pregnancy and the special attention she had for my toddler... I had the best Doula I could wish for! ♡


“Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers - strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.”

Barbara Katz Rothman



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